2008 Bricks Gallery 1

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Sara Rabin, Chick  on a   Brick Roz Dave, Taking  a Break Kimberly Fath, Dream  Big Mallory Matson, Celebrate  Life Shirley Moore, Ruby  Throated Hummingbird   & Butterflies
Kim Parmenter,  Roles  of Woman Candance Coplinger, Save  the Tata's Vanessa Nowell ,  Molly Vanessa Nowell, Molly Rosamund Merrill, Ohio  Cardinal Cares
Jessica Anten, Life  From Death Elizabeth Brooks, Blessed Gerald Hoffmaister, Building  Hope Too   with Stars Gerald Hoffmaister, Building  Hope Cori Parmenter, Survivors  Around the   World
Linda Riesenbeck,  And  the Pursuit  of ... Kim Pickard,  Tea  Party Cori Parmenter,  Laissez-Les-Bon-Temps-Roules Linda Riesenbeck,  Beligique  Carrye Kearns, Ride  for a Cure
Dina White,  Corked Polar Bear Murphy,  Hit the Trail  Find a Cure Liz Plunkett,  A  Broken Flower Rebecca Collins,  Stop  It! Patricia Ramsay,  Plowing  for a  Cure
Linda Riesenbeck, Flag  of Hope Betty Dannenberg,  Ode  to Dali:  The Persistence of Memory Glenda Miles, Can Judy Ritz, Morpho  & Monarch Amanda Matson, Smile, Angel Face
Don Curran,  Virginia Rosamund Merrill, Ohio  Heron Cares Alice Taminiau, Difficult  to Handle Terri Parmenter ,  She Will Rejuvenate Mary Ackley,  Looking  at Matisse
Linda Sutherly, Someday Glenda Miles, Linen  Together Glenda Miles, Linen  Together Glenda Miles, Question Mary Ackley, Forest  Fantasy
Don Curran Dorothy  Avis
Mary Mummey, The  Sweet Dream   of a Cure Victor Pennekamp, Currantly  Living Victor Pennekamp, House  of Healing Mike Fox, Palm  Tree
Victor Pennekamp, Enshrouded Mike Fox ,  Palm Trees Ruth Levinson, Flowers of Hope Rita Wasserman, The  Female Mystique Julie Combs, The  Family Memo   Board

Gallery  1  2  3  4  5  6 

10th Annual Breast Cancer Brick Auction

Sunday October 30th, 2011

2-5 p.m.

Cintas Center at Xavier University
Schiff Conference Center, Free Parking & Admission
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207 


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